About Us

About us

Nual-Law is a one-stop shop for all your needs. We believe that professionalism, effectiveness and being flexible lead to the clients satisfaction goals both locally and internationally.

Our services include all corporate services ranging from the set-up of AIFs (Alternative Investment Funds) and CIF (Collective Investment Funds), as well as the incorporation of all types of corporate structures.

We also assist our clients with Malta Company Formation, Shareholders Due Diligence, Opening of Bank Accounts, International Corporate Tax Planning, International Tax Strategy, Advice and Assistance in Commercial Licensing and Registration of Aircrafts, Yachts and Super-Yachts.

Why Malta?

Malta has been a member of the European Union since 2004 and adopted the Euro in 2008. Malta was one of the only two countries in the Euro Zone that maintained economic growth during the financial crisis together with Germany.

With a bi-partisan, stable political climate, Malta is willing to discuss and agree on opportunities of national and international economic growth.

Malta offers in fact a number of corporate initiatives at Government level that include:

  • Tax Credits for SMEs,
  • Industrial Spaces, Innovation Aid for SMEs,
  • Investment Aid Tax Credits,
  • Aid for Research & Development Projects and many other significant initiatives to boost business,
  • provided that the requirements are met.